Minutes 2020-01-14

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting January 14, 2020.

Meeting called to order by acting Speaker, Mr. Curley, at approximately 1:00 p.m.  All members present except Mr. Skidmore, Mr. Dick, and Mr. Hustead.

The following attended as guests: Manny Morones, Tom Baker, Lou Bratcher, Hobie Burgess, Steve Baranick and Mike Trice.


1) Motion made by Mr. Quigley with a second by Mr. Sennett to approve the previous meeting minutes.  Vote was 6-0 in favor.  Motion passed.

2) Financial report presented by Mr. Curley.  Current balance of $9,973.46.  Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Quigley to accept the report. Vote was 6-0 in favor.  Motion passed.

3) Mr. Fuhrmann advised that we are awaiting final procedures document from Mr. Skidmore.  All Board members were asked to give feedback to Mr. Skidmore as he updates this file.  Rules are completely updated as of this meeting.

4) 2020 Spring Season draft.  First Round picks scheduled this Thursday, January 16, 2020.  Remaining round picks (to complete the draft) this Saturday, January 18, 2020, at Jack’s place at 0800.

5) Discussed Bob Kapeller tourney at Big League Dreams in Perris.  We will be entering only one team.  It will be a Menifee Senior Softball team.  Our team is to be selected by Mr. Sennett and Ed Nicholls with all players over 65.


1) Discussed 10 or 11 teams for the Spring Season.  Motion made by Mr. Quigley with a second by Mr. Fisher that we have 11 teams.  Vote was 4-2 in favor, with Mr. Curley and Mr. Crozier dissenting.  League Scheduler, Mike Trice, presented 3 scheduling options.  Option 2 (30 games/team, 3 teams on bye per date, regular season Feb-June, tournament 3 weeks in July) was chosen.  Our current rule of 10-12 rated players being interchangeable for subbing purposes will continue to apply.

2) Discussed drafting procedures with 11 teams. Draft will stop after each of 11 teams has 11 players.  The remaining players (if any) will then be available to the teams in order of selection for that Round. Selection of any undrafted players will then be determined by a lottery for all teams who have not taken a player in that Round.  This lottery shall also be used to assign new players during the season in the 10-12 rating range.  For the Spring Season 2020 that order will be: Team 6, Team 1, Team 4, Team 2, Team 8 and Team 10.

3) Back-up for rain out games.  Mr. Skidmore is working on a proposed plan to move our rained-out games to Big League Dreams in Perris if we have at least 24 hours notice.  The insurance cost will be about $450.00 per year.  Mr. Vince Valdez of Valley Wide Recreation came into the meeting and advised us that they would be starting some work in the next month or so to improve our fields. Further discussions to be held in the near future.

4) We need back up balls for the new team buckets.  If you have any extra in your bags or at home please bring them to us for the new teams.

5) Our governing body (SSUSA) has decided to go to a 1-1 count in the interest of saving time.  Motion made by Mr. Fuhrmann with a second by Mr. Quigley to NOT adopt this rule.  Vote was 6-0 in favor.  Motion passed. Our rules, Article XII, Item 13 will be amended to read “Each new at-bat shall start with a no ball, no strike count.”

6) Discussed rule for subs that are coming back from injury/medical and have been drafted at a rating lower than their actual ability suggests.  Decided that if a player is drafted 2 or more lines lower than his pre-draft rating due to unavailability or injury, he shall be considered to have his pre-draft rating for subbing purposes. (They will play at the drafted rating for their respective team, but must be subbed at their master list rating when subbing.)  MSSL Rules, Article II will apply.

7) For those players only playing in the Spring Season 2020, we will charge them only $25.00, half of the yearly fee. Full year fee of $50.00 will be charged in September 2020.

8) Next meeting planned for February 20, 2020.

9) Motion made by Mr. Fuhrmann with a second by Mr. Quigley for adjournment.  Vote was 5-0 in favor.  Meeting adjourned at approximately 2:15 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.