Minutes 2020-07-30

Thursday, July 30, 2020 NOTE: Meeting held at Discovery Park.

MSSL meeting called to order at 10 am by Speaker Mr. Skidmore.  Mr. Dick and Mr. Hustead were not in attendance.  Ted Bennett, Dan Krepich, Jeff Millard and Ed Nicholls Jr. attended as guests. Carlos Kurianski attended as a construction liaison. 


1.     Motion made by Mr. Crozier with a second by Mr. Fisher to accept the minutes of June 16, 2020.  Vote was7-0.  Motion passed.

2.     Financial report presented by Mr. Skidmore.  Current balance $8,198.00.  Motion made by Mr. Quigley with a second by Mr. Fisher to approve the current report.  Vote was 7-0. Motion passed.

3.     Mr. Fuhrmann advised that all current MSSL procedures on the website are up-to-date.  This concurred by Mr. Curley.

4.     Long discussion on plaques for Ed Hustead and Rex Finley.  Ed to be on field #1 and Rex to be on field #4.Lettering to be red and white.  Board approved up to $200.00 for purchase and installation.  Mr. Fuhrmann to follow up with suppliers and report to Board at the next meeting.

5.     Discussed new scoreboards.  Mr. Skidmore to purchase a $50 gift card for Mr. Coltharp in appreciation of his work.  Mr. Skidmore to purchase a league megaphone not to exceed $75.

6.     Long discussion on new Website.  More information needed from Mr. Curley.  Item deferred to next meeting.

7.     Unable to have new board elections until we can start a new league.  We need all MSSL members available to vote.  Mr. Fuhrmann advises that ballots are prepared.

8.     Discussed proceeding with fall 2020 season.  Still unable to move forward as no new information forthcoming from CA State, Riverside County and Valley-Wide Recreation. The league is ready to move forward as soon as we get the word.


1.     Lengthy discussion on the 2021 MSSL budget.  Motion made by Mr. Quigley with a second by Mr. Crozier to maintain a reserve of $3,000 in our account.  Vote was 4-3 in favor.  Motion passed. Negative votes by Mr. Skidmore, Mr. Curley and Mr. Fisher.  Mr. Skidmore to create a budget for the 2021 season based on achieving the $3,000 reserve.

2.     Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 20, 2020.

3.     Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Quigley for adjournment.  Vote was 7-0, motion passed, and meeting adjourned at approximately 11:25am.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.