Agenda and Suggestion Guidelines

The Board of Directors will consider, discuss, and vote on accepting suggestions for the betterment of the league.   Suggestions are considered by the board once they become an agenda item for a Board meeting.   Any member may present a written request to any Board  member for an item to be placed on an upcoming Board meeting agenda.   Board members may request additional information before placing items on a meeting agenda.

These guidelines are not intended to make it more difficult to consider new suggestions.

  Experience has shown that is easy to complain and find fault but it is very difficult to propose a well thought out solution, acceptable by most, and in the best interest of the league.

Suggestions usually have the best chance of becoming an agenda item and  becoming adopted by the league if they follow some or all of the following.   They are:

Presented in writing.

Clearly state a problem, issue, or improved way of operation.

Present a detailed written solution.

Present both pros and cons of adopting the suggestion.

Support the league mission statement.

The bottom line is, if you have a good idea, the best way to get it adopted is to submit it in writing in a detailed  well thought out way.