In Memoriam

Rick Pamaran

Rex Hamaker

Steve Miller

Si Overturf

Don Barber

Jack Becher

Art Fisch

Buzz Joyce

Larry Gordon

Date Passing 11/10/2021

Larry was a long time member of our MSSL and quite a good pitcher for many, many years.

He was well liked by all and a topic of a lot of conversations regarding his style of pitching. May he RIP.  A little birdie told me that he has been assigned to the Heavenly Angels softball team and will be pitching in the very near future.  Thoughts and prayers to Melissa and his family.

Claude LaBarre

DOB:                            04/12/1944
Date Passing               04/02/2021

Comments:                  He played in MSSL for 10 years as a pitcher & outfielder. Nickname was Frenchie. Played travel ball for Git-R-Done for 10 years.

Ed Hustead

Date of Birth:             February 11, 1926
Date of Passing:        February 21, 2021

Commissioner 2000-2021
Player 1998-2018
Ed Hustead Sportsmanship Award 2018