Minutes 2021-04-20

Meeting called to order at approximately 12:40 by Speaker Mr. Skidmore.

All members present along with the new incoming board, Mr. Braun, Mr. Krepich, Mr. Millard and Mr. Bennett. 

The following attended as guests.  Joe deFrancesco, Mike Trice, Rob Hellman, Steve Baranick, Joe Hansell, Ed Nicholls Jr.
Dave Cromwell, Manny Morones, Larry Roberts, and Hobie Burgess.


1)..Motion made by Mr. Quigley with a second by Mr. Fisher for approval of the previous months minutes.  Vote was
7-0. Motion passed.

2)..Mr. Braun presented the March 2021 financial report.  Motion by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Curley to approve the report.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed.  Included in the report is a outstanding check for our league insurance
through SSUSA.  Team waiver forms are now in use, not individual.   Insurance for the BOD and officers has been declined.
Balance is $6,186.47.

3)..New board member assignments follow…SPEAKER..Mr. Krepich…..TREASURER..Mr. Braun…..SECRETARY..Mr. Quigley…..
MANAGER/UMPIRES..Mr. Millard…..PLAYER/MANAGER EVALUATIONS AND ROSTERS..Mr. Sennett…..COMMUNITY LIASION/SOCIAL MEDIA AND STANDINGS..Mr. Bennett…..JUDICIAL..MR. FUHRMANN.  Note:  Mr. Fuhrmann will continue with the fields, equipment,
uniforms and awards till further notice.

4)..Outgoing board members are to give their Wheatfield storage box key to Mr. Quigley. Mr. Skidmore thanked
the outgoing board members for their service.

5)..We have three applicants for the vacant Commissioners position.  At the board meeting on May 20, 2021 the board will
decide on a format for the election, conduct 5 minute presentations for each candidate to include a individual question
and answer period.  Then the  members will have a discussion and select the new commissioner.  The candidates are: Steve Baranick, Bob Fuhrmann and Gene Dick.  Good luck to all.


1)..Lengthy discussion involving most of the guests about playing conditions for our league.  Discussed Big League Dreams in Perris, Lago Vista, Marion Ashley, Discovery, La Ladera, Aldergate, Diamond Valley, and Wheatfield Park.  All have
pros and cons and your league management continues to adapt to what may be best for the majority.  For now, the decision
is to stay at Wheatfield Park until the end of the current season.  Mr. Millard did a quick assessment of Wheatfield
Park #2 and found it acceptable on a temporary basis.

2)..Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 20, 2021.

3)..Motion for adjournment made by Mr. Quigley with a second by Mr. Bennett.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed and meeting
adjourned at approximately 2:40 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.