Minutes 2021-05-20

Minutes of MSSL Board of Directors Meeting 5/20/21

Meeting called to order at 1:28 by Speaker Dan Krepich.

All the board members were present along with Assistant Commissioner Gene Dick.  One guest, Steve Baranick was in attendance


  1. Motion made by Mr. Bennett with a second by Mr. Fuhrmann for approval of the previous month’s minutes.  Minutes approved. 7-0
  2. Mr. Braun presented the April financial report, which had been emailed out earlier to all board members. Current league balance is $5510.  The financial report was approved 7-0.
  3. There was a discussion on the opening/closing of the equipment boxes and who was responsible for doing so and when was the decision made. Mr. Millard voiced that he was unable to either open or close when it was his turn.  He surrendered his equipment box key to Mr. Quigley.
  4. Mr. Quigley discussed recording the board meetings to assist him in more accurately reporting the meeting discussions.  The recordings can also be stored for future reference.  He also noted that any time there would be discussions of a personal nature; the recording device would be turned off. None of the board members objected to the use of a recording device for our meetings.
  5. Mr. Fuhrmann gave the board an update on the progress of field improvements at Wheatfield.  He also discussed alternate fields to play and the various obstacles that we would need to overcome if we decide to play at any of the locations. Mr. Fuhrmann will continue to be the point man for field issues.
  6. Mr Fuhrmann addressed having new field signs made to advertise the MSSL and who to contact for information.  Also the sign at the entrance to Wheatfield needs to be updated with the new contact name and phone number.  Update of these signs is awaiting the election of a new Commissioner.


  1. The speaker discussed how the board should conduct business during and between board meetings. He referred to a recent issue about cancelling games that was not handled in the best way. The speaker pointed out that we have procedures for addressing urgent matters and they need to be followed. Any league member can request the board to address an issue/suggestion, however, that should be done via a written request to the board.  He also pointed out that the official channel we use to disseminate board decisions and league related information is through Mr. Bennett.
  2. League information and security was discussed.  The question of privacy as it pertains to league members email addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts was addressed.  Mr. Bennett is going to create a MSSL gmail address for sending out league related information.  The emails will include a header that it is an official email from the MSSL. This will allow members to know the information being sent to them is from the MSSL.  The MSSL website is also password protected. Mr. Braun will draft a Privacy Statement that can be incorporated into a variety of official MSSL documents and website.
  3.  Mr. Millard pointed out that during games on field 2, kids leaving school could potentially be hit by a batted ball from one of our players. Mr. Braun recommended that the umpires halt the game for a few minutes until the kids depart the area. Board agreed 7-0.
  4. Cancellation of games:  The speaker suggested that due to other pending board items that we defer discussion on addressing cancellation of league games at this meeting. He also added that data is needed to properly evaluate impact of tournament games and loss of players to tournaments. Motion to table discussion of cancelling game approved. 7-0
  5. Selection of a new commissioner:  As a candidate for commissioner Mr. Fuhrmann recused himself from voting as a board member. The speaker had each candidate draw a slip of paper to determine the order the candidates would address the board. Mr. Dick was first to address the board, followed by Mr. Fuhrmann and then Mr. Baranick.  The selection of the commissioner was under a secret ballot process; no one knew how each board member voted.
  6. During the temporary bathroom break and before the first commissioner nominees spoke, Mr. Dick discussed the summer league schedule. Summer league will start on the 16th of June and end on 26 August. Games will start at 8:30am, 15 players per team, 9 inning games. Mr. Dick mentioned that the board would have to decide if teams would field 11 or 12 players. He also stated the summer draft would be at his house the following week and was in need of 5 people to assist in selecting teams. Mr. Quigley asked Mr. Dick that in the interest of time if he could send the details of summer league and the use of a different brand softball in an email to the board.
  7. Commissioner nominees’ presentations:  The three commissioner nominees made their presentations to the board and were asked questions by board members.  At the conclusion of their presentations, the board members were asked to cast their secret ballots and give them to the Speaker.  The Speaker read out the each ballot selection and the Secretary recorded the selection. The new commissioner was selected in the first round balloting.
  8. Mr. Quigley recommended that rather than tell the nominees in person of their decision, that as the league secretary he should send each nominee an email thanking them for their interest in being the Commissioner and of the board’s decision. The board agreed.
  9. The board meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:30pm.

Ken Quigley

MSSL League Secretary