Minutes 2021-06-15

Board Meeting Minutes for Selecting New Board Members

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 by the Speaker Mr. Krepich

All members were present, including the Commissioner Mr. Fuhrmann.

Board member Ken Quigley unexpectedly announced his resignation from the board effective at the close of business. 

New Business:  

With Mr. Quigley’s resigning, the board now needed to select three replacement candidates instead of two.  Only five candidates were under consideration since Mr. Burgess had earlier withdrew his name from consideration.  

Three candidates (Mr. Nicholls, Mr. Curley and Mr. Gomez) chose to give oral presentations to the board.

At the conclusion of the oral presentations the Commissioner asked the board if he was going to be allowed to vote for the new board members.  The board decision was he would not be allowed since he is now officially, the Commissioner and no longer a board member.

The board then determined that each board member would individually cast their votes by voice, three new board members were selected;  Mr. Bob Curley, Mr.  Bill French, and Mr. Ed Nicholls.

The Speaker reminded the members of the 6/17/2021 board meeting and assigned individuals to notify the newly selected boards members.

Meeting was adjourned  at 10:55.

Former League Secretary

Ken Quigley