Minutes 2021-06-17

Meeting held on 6/17/21 at Jack Buss’s Pizza Factory due to unavailability of Wheatfield clubhouse.

Meeting called to order at approximately 1050.

All members present with the exception of Mr. Curley and Mr. French.

Jack Fisher and Steve Baranick (by request) attended as guests.


1)..Motion made by Mr. Bennett with a second by Mr. Millard to approve the previous meetings minutes. Vote was 5-0 for approval.  Motion passed.

2)..Mr. Braun advised no financial transactions for the month.  Balance of $5,786.72.

3)..Steve Baranick made a appeal to review the previous board’s decision not to
present awards for the just season.  He was reminded that the managers were advised at the beginning of the season that awards would not be awarded.  Motion was made by Mr. Nicholls with a second by Mr. Krepich to present awards. Vote was 2 in favor and 3 against.  Motion failed. Awards will not be awarded.

NOTE:  Steve proceeded to make a “scene/incident” which will be documented elsewhere.  Steve was instructed to leave he meeting.

4).New board organizational chart discussed.  Will be finalized by the next meeting.

5)..Mr. Fuhrmann gave an update on field preparation and status of alternatives.  He also advised that new banners for the fields are ready to go.  Entrance sign adjustment almost finalized.

6)..Discussed MSSL league privacy statement.  It is in in process and will be presented at the next meeting.

7)..Deferred discussion regarding students encroaching on field #2 with game in progress.  More discussion needed.

8)..Discussed upcoming Fall season. Work is in progress.  Update at the next meeting to include possible cancellation policy.


1)..The board thanked Gene Dick for his Acting Commissioner position during the time a new commissioner could be elected.

2)..Mr. Fuhrmann thanked the field crew at Discovery Park for keeping the fields playable for us, namely Dave Pereira, Sal Navarro, Dave Schoop, Roy Lantz, Ken Quigley, Larry Roberts and several more.

3)..Next meeting scheduled for July 15, 2021.

4)..Motion for adjournment by Mr. Nicholls with a second by Mr. Millard.  Vote was 5-0 in favor.  Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 1240.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.