Minutes 2021-08-17

Minutes of MSSL Board of Directors Meeting August 17, 2021

Meeting called to order at 10:50 by Speaker Dan Krepich.
All the board members were present along with Commissioner Bob Fuhrmann. Two guests, Frank White and Kent Skidmore were in attendance.


  1. The board reviewed the minutes from the prior meeting. Robb made a motion to accept the minutes and Bill French seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous, minutes accepted.
  2. Bob gave his commissioner’s report. Still no results from meeting with BLD. Have not heard from them since the last meeting. Looks like we will be moving to the fields at the Diamond Valley Lake facility in Hemet with the start of the Fall 2021 season which begins on September 7, 2021. We are about to finalize this decision. We just need to finish the necessary paperwork. We will pay the same fees there that we are paying now. The conditions of the fields are far superior to what we have now at Wheatfield. The league fees will remain $50.00 for fiscal year 2022. The fiscal year covers September 2021 thru August 2022. we will probably use fields 6 and 7 which are in the north part of the complex and will be side by side. We will be taking the equipment bin with us. We have also ordered the balls and uniforms for the Fall Season. The draft will be conducted on Tuesday August 24, 2021, at Wheatfield Park after the games.
    Ted made the motion to move to the Diamond Valley Facility for the Fall season contingent on final approval from Diamond Valley. The motion was seconded by Jeff and the motion passed unanimously (7 to 0).
  3. The speaker proposed we put out a statement on our website that if members are sick or test positive for Covid-19 they should not come to the games, we should maintain social distancing and masking whenever possible. Robb agreed to draft a statement and send it to the rest of the board for approval.
  4. Robb discussed the Treasurer’s Report. Current balance is $5,191.76. We spent $400 for softballs (back-up balls). Robb discussed the possibility of setting up an online shopping function on our website so members could purchase uniforms and hats online if they prefer. However, there may be a cost associated with online purchases. Robb agreed to check into the viability and costs associated with developing an online shopping function and will report back to the board. We also purchased a label maker.
  5. Mike Trice discussed the fall schedule. The season will start on Sept 7, 2021. The schedule has been built to allow for rainouts with a season ending tournament. We will have 9 teams of 12 players each. There could still be some minor adjustments to roster size based on final numbers. Members should advise Bob Curley by email (CaseyO49@msn.com) if their availability changes.
  6. Bob Curley gave the Publisher’s report. He has developed a Procedures Index and all league procedures have been dated and incorporated into the index. This includes the procedure on filling board positions that become vacant during summer months when the full membership is not playing. Going forward, once a procedure is approved by the board it will be included in the index. Bob briefly discussed the Master List of members for the fall draft.
  7. Dan discussed and proposed a motion to allow board members to abstain from voting on a motion if they so choose. Jeff seconded the motion. The motion passed by a unanimous vote (7 to 0). This will be added to the league procedures.
  8. The board discussed filling the vacant position of Chief Umpire. Ted motioned that Frank White be appointed as Chief Umpire. Bill seconded the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 6 to 0.
  9. The board discussed and finalized the MSSL Org Chart. Frank White was added as the Chief Umpire.
  10. The board discussed the planning for the fall season which is scheduled to begin on September 7, 2021. Drafting Managers and Committee teams will be able to use any MSSL member to assist them with the Fall draft scheduled to be held next Tuesday, August 24, 2021, at the Wheatfield clubhouse right after the scheduled games. However, that assistant will not automatically be on the team that they are helping draft. They are there only to assist with the draft and are available for drafting by other teams.
    After the popular vote of the membership, we will continue to use the 1-1 count with a foul to give and use the 2 innings alternating format until the top of the 6th, then revert to one inning at a time until the game ends. We will continue to use Rock balls. After some discussion the board agreed that there would be no change to the existing rules for substitutes and the Intentional Walk. The board also discussed and agreed to consider alternative ideas for awards at a future meeting.


  1. Next meeting is scheduled for September 7, 2021, after the scheduled games are complete. We will have an abbreviated agenda.
  2. At this point Ted motioned to adjourn. Robb seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous. The meeting was adjourned at approx. 1:30PM

Bill French
MSSL League Secretary