Minutes 2021-12-16

Minutes of MSSL Board of Directors Meeting December 16, 2021

Meeting called to order at 10:43 PM by Speaker Dan Krepich.
All board members and Commissioner Bob Fuhrmann were present, except for Mike Trice. Two guests, Jeff Bockness and Frank White, Chief Umpire were also present.

  1. The board discussed the minutes from the prior meeting which were already approved by the board and posted to the website. The board discussed a proposal to change the process for approving the minutes going forward. Dan made a motion that the minutes of future board meetings be approved by the board within 3 days of receiving them from the secretary. Bill seconded the motion. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously (6 to 0).
  2. Bob gave his commissioner’s report. The use of the Rock softballs has officially been discontinued. We will be using the Stote softballs going forward. Therefore, our order for the Rock softballs has been cancelled and 2 cases of the Stote softballs have been ordered. We currently have plenty of Stote softballs on hand.
    As far as the impact of the sun on Fields 7 and 8, there is very limited impact from the sun on Field 8, while there is some impact to left field on Field 7 for the early game. However, this is about as good as it is going to get.
    Still looking for the Max Roster Charts, have not found them yet. As of today, we have 108 confirmed players and 5 new players scheduled to be rated on Monday (12/20). Also still need to talk to a few other league players to determine whether they will play this spring season.
  3. The board discussed the Treasurer’s Report and the FY 2022 budget. As of the end of November 2021 the funds on hand are $9,680.73. and the projected FY 2022 expenses are $8,314. After the December expenditures to date the current funds on hand are approximately $6,680.
  4. Bob Curley gave the Publisher’s report. The procedures have been updated to include the changes made on August 18, 2021, including the Privacy Statement and filling Board Positions. The master list was updated for the Fall draft and is currently being updated again for the Spring draft. Updated Org Chart (as of 9/2/2021) sent to Jerry yesterday for posting on the web site.
  5. Frank discussed his concern that we will have a shortage of umpires, especially for the early games during the upcoming Spring season. The board discussed the possibility of soliciting league players for umpire positions. Frank agreed to write up a draft solicitation for consideration by the board at the next meeting.
  6. The board concluded that we will follow the existing procedure to fill Mike Trice’s position on the board. Bob has sent out an email soliciting a replacement.
  7. Jeff offered up a motion to increase the awards budget to $350 for the winner of the league and $150 for the Tournament winner. Robb seconded the motion. The board voted and the motion passed unanimously (6 to 0). Motion passed.
  8. The board discussed contributions for the groundskeepers and concluded that we will give them a hat and solicit contributions from league members as well.

Old Business
  1. The board discussed the options for completing the Fall season. Currently we have 3 rainout days that need to be made up. The board concluded that the rainouts will be made up on 12/21, 12/23 and 12/28. If there are any additional rainouts they will not be made up and the season will end on December 28, 2021. The tournament will begin on January 4, 2022. The Spring 2022 season will then begin on the first Tuesday after completion of the Fall Tournament. The exact date to be determined.
  2. The board discussed the status of the Spring Draft. Looks like we tentatively have 9 (maybe 10) managers. The board discussed whether to set the maximum number of players on a team at 11 or 12 for the Spring draft. Dan offered up a motion to set the limit at 12 for the Spring draft. Jeff seconded the motion. The vote was 5 to 1 in favor of the motion. The motion passed. The exact date for the Spring draft has not yet been determined.
  3. Bob Fuhrman and Bob Curley have agreed to temporarily do the scheduling for the Spring 2022 season until a replacement is selected for Mike Trice. Tentatively the Spring season will begin the last week of January and go through the last week of April with the Tournament going through Mid-May. Planning to have 10 teams assuming we have enough players.
  4. The board discussed a proposed change to Article 5, Item 2 of the MSSL Rules. Ted offered up a motion to revise the rule to read “All players in the batting order at the beginning of a game must play a minimum of three complete innings in the field. Players coming late but entering before the beginning of the fifth inning must play a minimum of 2 defensive innings.” Dan seconded the motion. The board voted unanimously (6 to 0) in favor of the change
  5. The board agreed to schedule the next meeting for January 11, 2022, after the tournament games scheduled for that day are complete.
  6. At this point Robb motioned to adjourn. Ted seconded the motion, and the board voted to adjourn (6 to 0). The meeting adjourned at approx. 2:05 PM

Outstanding Action Items
Previous Items (11/04/2021)
  1. Locate charts that use team maximum roster sizes to determine how many teams we should have in a season based on total number of players in the draft. Bob F
  2. Check on Facilities for the League picnic. Bob F
  3. Solicit ideas from managers on how to make the manager’s job more appealing. Board

New Items (12/16/2021)
  1. Frank White to draft solicitation to league players for more umpires for consideration by the board. Frank
  2. Get Jerry to update the Fall schedule to reflect completing season on 12/28. Bob F
  3. Draft change in substitute rule for next meeting. Ted
  4. Write up procedure for online purchases of uniforms and tracking inventory. Robb

Bill French
MSSL League Secretary