Minutes 2022/03/08

Minutes of MSSL Board of Directors Meeting March 8, 2022

Meeting called to order at 12:25 PM by Speaker Dan Krepich.

Bob Fuhrmann, Commissioner, and all board members except for Frank White. 

  1. The minutes from the previous board meeting have already been approved and posted on the website.
  2. Dan announced that Bill [French] will take over the duties of Publisher since Bob Curley has resigned from the board.  There were no objections from the board members. 
  3. Bob gave his commissioner’s report.
    1. Bob has a newsletter from SSUSA and will send it out to the members.
    1. Sal Navarro has volunteered to do the cooking for the picnic which is tentatively scheduled for May 22, 2022.  Bob is going to check with Tammy at Wheatfield to see if Discovery Park is available for the picnic.
    1. Bob indicated he has been asked by some league members if they could put a US Flag patch on their uniforms.  The board has no objection to members wearing a US Flag patch only on their uniforms.  No other patches are authorized.
    1. The league paid half of the cost for the defibrillator purchased at Wheatfield Park.  Bob will check with Tammy at Wheatfield to see if we can bring the defibrillator to Valley Wide.  Bob will also check to see if Valley Wide has a defibrillator.
    1. Bob announced that the cost of the fields will be going up to $30 per day ($15 per field) or $60 per week.  Bob indicated that he will look into the possibility of playing at Big League Dreams and report back to the Board at the next meeting.
  4. Robb discussed the Treasurer’s Report.  YTD revenue budget is $8,200.  The actual revenue to date is $7,100.  We expect to be pretty close to the annual budget. Currently we have budgeted $1,700 for the picnic.  The hats for the tournament winners are in and have been distributed. The jackets also came in but were done wrong and had to be redone.

Frank White called in and is participating by phone.

  • Bob discussed the Scheduler’s Report.  The board discussed whether or not to extend the season to allow for rainouts.  However, no changes were made to the existing procedures.  We will not extend the season for rainouts.
  •  The board discussed the need to update the rules to incorporate the change changes regarding the 1 – 1 count and staying on the field for 2 defensive innings.  Bill will update the rules to incorporate the changes.  Bob will then make 2 copies of the full set of rules.  Robb will put them in binders so we can have one copy available at each field during the games.
  • The board discussed the proposed rule change on substitutions.  The change affects Article II, Item 2 and would allow substitutions for players rated 6 thru 9 to be rated one level higher than player being replaced.  The revised rule states: Substitutions for players rated 1 thru 5 will require the same rating or lower than substituted player.  Substitutions for players rated 6 thru 9 can be rated 1 level higher.  For example, a player rated 5 can replace a player rated 6.  Robb motioned for a vote on whether to adopt the change.  Jeff seconded the motion.  The board voted 6 to 1 in favor of adopting the change.  Bill will update the rules to incorporate the change. 
  • The board also discussed the need to eliminate Article II, item 6 regarding player substitutions based on the change just adopted.  Dan made a motion to eliminate Article II, Item 6.  Robb seconded the motion.  The motion passed 6 to 0 with one abstention. 
  • The board discussed the need to clarify the rule on batters who are 75 and over.  Fielders must remain in position until the ball is hit.  If the ball hits the grass or goes beyond the line which indicates the end of the infield the batter cannot be thrown out.  The board concluded that the rule is clear and there is no need to make any changes.
  • The board discussed the need to adjust the schedule for major tournaments.  The board concluded that since we are now playing with ten teams, with two teams on a bye each day, and due to the change in the substitution rule, there are more players available in the sub pool.  Therefore, there is no need to revise the schedule to accommodate major tournaments during the season.
  • Robb mentioned that the Monday League has some extra softballs (9 dozen) that they are willing to sell us for $5 a ball.  The board concluded that we have plenty of softballs and there is no need to purchase any more at this time.
  • The board discussed whether or not the league should compensate umpires.   Frank agreed to write up a proposal to compensate umpires and present it to the board at our next meeting.
  • The board agreed to schedule the next meeting for April 26, 2022, after the games scheduled for that day are complete.
  • At this point Jeff motioned to adjourn. Ted seconded the motion, and the board voted unanimously to adjourn (7 to 0). The meeting adjourned at approx. 2:00 PM

Outstanding Action Items

   Previous Items (11/04/2021)

  1. Locate charts that use team maximum roster sizes to determine how many teams we should have in a season based on total number of players in the draft.  Bob F
  2. Solicit ideas from managers on how to make the manager’s job more appealing.  Board

   New Items (3/8/2022)

  1. Bob to check with Tammy at Wheatfield on whether we can bring the defibrillator to Valley Wide for games and/or check with Valley Wide to see if they have one. Bob F
  2. Bob to check with Tammy at Wheatfield on the availability of Discovery Park for the picnic. Bob F
  3. Bill to update the rules to incorporate the change on the 1 – 1 count and playing 2 defensive innings in the field.  Bill F
  4. Bill to update the rules to incorporate changes to the substitution rules.  Bill F

Bill French

MSSL League Secretary