MINUTES 2022-05-19

Minutes of MSSL Board of Directors Meeting May 19, 2022

Meeting called to order at 12:25 PM by Speaker Dan Krepich.

Bob Fuhrmann, Commissioner, and all board members except for Frank White and Robb Braun. 

  1. The minutes from the previous board meeting have already been approved and posted on the website.
  2. Dan stressed the importance of timely completion of changes to rules/procedures and posting of the meeting minutes.  Dan also stressed the use of the League Suggestion Form when proposing changes to League rules/procedures.
  3. Bob gave his commissioner’s report.
    • The Commissioner’s Newsletter will continue on a monthly basis.
    • Bob met with Robert from Valley Wide and they have agreed to bill us only $600 for this season instead of the $3,100 we had anticipated.  We will be here at the Diamond Valley Lake facility (DVL) at least through the Fall Season, at the new rate of $60 per week since Wheatfield Park will have only one field ready by September.  We may move back to Wheatfield in January 2023.  We are still waiting on information from Wheatfield Park.
    • The league paid half of the cost for the defibrillator purchased at Wheatfield Park ($500).  We split the cost with the Women’s League.  They have offered to pay us $350 for our share.  We may have to buy a new one.  The approx. cost is $1,000.
    • Bob announced that Bob Envall’s wife (Mary) will attend the League picnic along with his son and grandson.  His wife announced that there will be no formal service for Bob.  However, she is planning to have an open house on June 11, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM to celebrate Bob’s life.
    • Bob indicated that any after game festivities should be moved outside of the facility near the soccer field.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the facility.
    • The draft for the Fall Season will be held in August.
    • Bob is trying to obtain one of the new plate mats for use during the summer to test it out.
    • Bob indicated that Sal Navarro is organizing the picnic and has things pretty well set.  Bob F will bring soda and water.  Larry Roberts has volunteered his generator for use at the picnic.  Sal will be there at 8:00 AM and the picnic will start at 11:00 AM on May 25, 2022.

Old Business

  1. Board Elections – Four Board members ran for re-election unopposed.  The Board remains the same for one year.
  2.  The board discussed the recent change to the Substitution Rule which states that: Substitutions for players rated 1 thru 5 will require the same rating or lower than substituted player.  Substitutions for players rated 6 thru 9 can be rated 1 level higher. Players rated 10 – 12 are interchangeable. Jeff M offered up a motion to revise this rule to state that Substitutions for players rated 1 thru 5 will require the same rating or lower than substituted player.  Substitutions for players rated 6 thru end of roster can be rated 1 level higher and eliminate the statement that Players rated 10 – 12 are interchangeable.  Bill seconded the motion.  The Board voted 5 to 1 in favor of adopting the change.  Bill will update the League Rules to incorporate the change.
  3. The Board discussed a potential discrepancy on League procedures regarding Judicial Committee Appeals.  Dan agreed to review the procedures and report back to the Board at the next meeting.
  4. The Board discussed the upcoming Summer League.  There will be no fee for the Summer League as the League has plenty of softballs for use this summer. 
  5. The board agreed to schedule the next meeting for August 16, 2022.
  6.  At this point Bill motioned to adjourn. Ted seconded the motion, and the board voted unanimously to adjourn (6 to 0). The meeting adjourned at 1:43 PM.

Outstanding Action Items

   Previous Items (4/26/2022)

  1. Locate charts that use team maximum roster sizes to determine how many teams we should have in a season based on total number of players in the draft.  Bob F
  2. Solicit ideas from managers on how to make the manager’s job more appealing.  Board

   New Items (5/19/2022)

  1. Bill to update the rules to incorporate changes to the substitution rules.  Bill F
  2. Review the procedures on Judicial Committee Appeals for a potential discrepancy and report back to the Board at the next meeting

Bill French

MSSL League Secretary