Commissioners report….March 2023


1)..Well, we only got to play half of our scheduled games due to rain.  I sure hope it gets better in April…

2)..We have updated our “In Memoriam” column on the website. If you want to check it out, click on the heading.  We have one more member to add
for our old-timers.  I have just been advised that Len Jamusch has passed.  If anyone has a picture, can you forward to me.  Thank you.

3)..Our special committee that was formed to review and recommend changes for the 2023 Fall Season had their first meeting last week and have forward their findings
to the Board of Directors for their consideration.  The committee consisted of all 8 managers and 3 selected board members.

4)..Your board met on March 30, 2023.  Watch for the board meeting minutes that will be out shortly. Next meeting is scheduled for May 2nd 2023.

5)..You haven’t seen them yet, but we have added 3 new members to our substitute list and the league.  Welcome David Bates, Jim Anderson and Mark Gregory.  (no relation to Dave Gregory.)

6)..Still waiting for the revised date of our games against Mt. San Jacinto College girls softball team.

7)..That’s all folks.  See you next month.