Commissioners Report…..May 2020


1)..We have purchased our new defibrillator and fortunately it has not been used. We hope it never has to be. See previous e-mails for instructions and tips for its use (If necessary).

2)..Only one rainout this month….looking to the future, we will end the regular season on June 8,2023.  Let the playoffs begin.

3)..All of our Board of Directors that were up for election have won and will continue for another 2 years.  Go BOD.

4)..Congratulations to Matt Kraemer’s Kruds for clinching our 2023 Spring Season regular season championship.  Now two seasons in a row.

5)..Also, I believe the Knights also won another championship.  Way to go guys. Congratulations to Peter Cortez and his teammates.

6)..Reminder:::League picnic is scheduled for Friday, June 9, 2023 at Discovery Park.  All Invited and all welcome.  Even some of our oldtimers. 

7)..Hoping to announce the new winner of our Ed Husted’s Sportsmanship Award at the picnic.

8)..Almost time for my nap, so I will say adios until next month.