Fellow Players of the Menifee Senior Softball League (MSSL) – I hope this message finds you healthy.  Your elected BOD met today to discuss the upcoming Spring season.  The managers have been selected and the player draft will take place on Wednesday, December 30.  The start of the season is scheduled for Tuesday, January 12.  Of course, we are continuing to monitor COVID within our ranks and will only start the season when the league and its players feel comfortable coming out to play.

We are suspending some of the MSSL rules for the Spring Season:

  • League Fees – there will be NO league fees for the Spring season.
  • Uniforms – we will not be wearing our White (home) or Red (visitor) jerseys for games.
  • 11 Players on defense – as long as we are playing at Discovery Park, without fences, we will play with 12 men on defense.  The 12th defender is an outfield rover.
  • Traditionally playing one inning at a time – the home team will play a half inning of defense and then bat for six (6) outs.  We will rotate like that until the fifth inning where we return to batting and playing defense for three (3) outs until the game is completed.

We want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.  Stay safe, stay healthy!  See you on the ball field.


Ed Hustead – Commissioner

Gene Dick – Assistant Commissioner

Kent Skidmore – Speaker & Treasurer

John Sennett – Evaluation Committee, Player Rosters

Ken Quigley – Managers and Umpires

Bob Fuhrmann – Secretary

Brian Crozier – Community Liaison

Bob Curley – Social Media, Website

Jack Fischer – Judicial Committee

Please call, email or text any of the Board with questions.

Also, please visit the MSSL Website Menifee Senior Softball League (Men 55+) to find rosters, schedules, Board Minutes, Rules Procedures, etc.