MSSL Commissioner Application

Attention MSSL League Members,

Anyone interested in being considered for the position of MSSL Commissioner must complete the below application form and submit it to Kent Skidmore ( and Ken Quigley ( no later than April 9, 2021.   

MSSL Commissioner Application

Name : 

Years as an MSSL member:

List specific duties and responsibilities you have undertaken that have directly supported the MSSL:

Briefly outline why you feel qualified to be the MSSL Commissioner:

For reference, the following are the currently listed duties of the position:

  1. Recruits new players to the league as applicable and needed.
  2. Signs up new players and ensures that such players are eligible (age) to participate in the league. Maintains updated information for each player to include, but not limited to: home address, e-mail address, emergency contacts (when the player joins the league), phone number contacts, etc.
  3. Notifies Player Evaluation Committee when a prospective player requires an evaluation. 
  4. In conjunction with, or in the absence of, the League Treasurer, establish the annual operating budget, including league fees to be assessed to players (including prorated fees which might be assessed to the new players joining the league) and submits to the Board of Directors for review and approval.
  5. Signs/cosigns checks according to the procedures established within the league Rules and Procedures section duties of the League Treasurer.  In absence of the Treasurer, obtains written approval from the Board of Directors for expenditures of $500.00 or more.
  6. Acts as a voting member of the Board of Directors as described in Article II.
  7. Coordinates the reservation of and payment for fields for league play and is the league contact with Parks and Recreation personnel regarding MSSL issues.
  8. Notify the Board of Director when players resign from the league or are unable to play for extended periods of time due to injury or personal situations, etc.
  9. Maintain an updated Master List of league players and substitutes.
  10. Coordinates all schedules of play and playoff /tournament schedules with the League Scheduler and distributes same to Managers.
  11. Provides necessary information to the Draft Committee (to Managers, if they are drafting) during the review of the Master List prior to the draft.
  12. Purchase, but not limited to: league balls, SSUSA Rule books for Managers and umpires, home plate mats, backstop score boards, batting lineup clipboards for Managers, etc.
  13. In coordination with the League Secretary and League Webmaster, the Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner directs the distribution of the league Rules and Procedures via the MSSL web page.
  14. Maintain league standings for each “season.”   In the event of a season ending in a tie, keeps track of weekly wins and losses, including the scores.
  15. Coordinate with the Board of Directors annual league events such as a picnic (to include volunteers) and other events as applicable.
  16. The Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner, in conjunction with the League Treasurer, is given the discretionary approval to apply the league fee paid by a new player during the spring session to the following year, if after paying the fee the new player did not get assigned to a team and did not get a fair chance to play in the spring session.

(Note:  There is no salary – the prestige of the position is your reward)!