Agenda for MSSL Board Meeting – June 17, 2021

Call to order and roll call

Reading and approval of prior meeting minutes

Treasurer’s Report – Robb Braun

Old Business

Report on Wheatfield playing field maintenance progress and alternative sites – Bob Fuhrmann

Report on Wheatfield sign progress and equipment box maintenance – Bob Fuhrmann

Present, for discussion and approval, privacy statement draft, for MSSL official documents and website. Robb Braun

Have umpires been informed to halt games when school is dismissed until children leave the area by our active fields of play? Jeff Millard

Renew tabled discussion of season scheduling and game cancellation criteria. Begin planning for fall season.

New Business

Assign responsibilities and update org chart for newly appointed board members.

It had been decided, by the previous board, no jackets or other recognition would be given to the winner of the just concluded spring season. Steve Baranick requested the current board reevaluate that decision and recognize the winner of the spring season, in some way, to be determined. Also, to review and possibly change the standard jacket, and hat, season winner and tournament winner prizes.

Set next meeting date

Adjourn Dan Krepich, Speaker