Agenda for MSSL Board Meeting August 17, 2021

Call to order and roll call – Dan Krepich, speaker

Reading and approval of prior meeting minutes – Bill French, secretary

Commissioner’s Report – Bob Fuhrman – including:
Commissioner’s newsletter
Playing field conditions and alternative site status
Balls and uniforms
Fall draft status, date, time, place

Treasurer’s Report – Robb Braun – including:
Next years budget
Online shopping
New equipment purchase – label maker

Scheduler’s Report – Mike Trice – including:
Preliminary Fall 2021 schedule
Scheduling considerations and challenges in general.
Game cancellation criteria and rain out rescheduling.

Publisher’s Report – Bob Curley – official published updates including:
Procedures, filling a board position when full league not playing.
League privacy statement – procedures – web site
Master list for fall 2021 draft

Old Business

Board voting:
Number of votes to pass, minimum of 4 or simple majority?
Right to abstain yes, or no?

Organization chart:
Responsibilities update
Chief umpire position

Fall 2021 draft:
Date and time – one day or two – managers assistant yes or no – trading team lottery draft position number yes or no

Fall 2021 season playing rules:
1-1 count yes or no
double defensive innings 2 thru 4 yes or no
Rex rule for substitutes
Intentional walk rule to apply to all, not just 3 hitters yes or no
First place awards, jackets to league winner, caps to tournament winner yes or no or something else

New Business

Set next meeting date


August 17, 2021