Message from the Chairman of the Board

To all MSSL members.  Please read this carefully as there is a lot of information here.

1)..It is 99% official that we will be moving to the fields at Diamond Valley Lake softball facility in Hemet with the start of the Fall 2021 season beginning September 7th.  This is necessary as Valley-Wide Recreation will eventually be starting to work on our fields.  The plan is to come back to our “home” when able.  We tried to move to Big League Dreams in Perris but it did not work out.  We did everything that we could.  We know it will be a bit of a hardship to travel the additional distance but the good news is that we will pay the same fees there. The better new is that the conditions of the fields are far superior to what we have had, something that all players will enjoy.  The league fees will remain $50.00 for the fiscal year 2022.  The fiscal year covers September 2021 thru August 2022.  From Wheatfield to the Hemet parks is about 15 minutes.  I say 99% because we just have to finish the necessary paperwork.  Dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “tees”.  We will be taking the equipment bin with us. If you are familiar with the parks,  we will probably use fields 6 and 7 which are in the north part of the complex and will be side by side.

2)..Drafting MANAGERS and Committee teams will be able to use any MSSL member to assist them with the Fall draft that will be held next Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at the Wheatfield clubhouse right after the scheduled games. HOWEVER, that assistant will not automatically be on the team that they are helping. They are there only to ASSIST with the draft and are available for drafting by other teams.

3).After your popular vote, we will continue to use the 1-1 count with a foul to give and use the 2 innings alternating format until the top of the 6th, then revert to one inning at a time until the game ends.

4)..We will continue to use Rock balls.

5)..Frank White has been selected to be our new Chief Umpire.

6)..The Fall season schedule has been completed by our League Scheduler: Mike Trice.  The season will start on Sept 7, 2021 and the schedule has been built with a season ending tournament and to allow for rainouts. We will have 9 teams of 12 players each.  There could still be some minor adjustments to roster size based on final numbers.

Please advise Bob Curley by email ( NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, AUGUST 22nd if you wish to change your availability.

7)..The organization chart has been finalized and will be available on the website by the end of this week.  It and other league information will be posted at the fields along with the standings board.

8)..All the above info and more will be in the monthly minutes.

9)..Thank you for your understanding and patience.