Upcoming season at Diamond Valley


1)..New playing fields eff 9/7/2021
2)..League fees..$50.00 payable to your manager…This fee is for all seasons, Fall, Spring,  and Summer…till Sept 2022
3)..Uniform fees…$50.00 payable to Bob Fuhrmann(one time fee)..
4)..If paying by check make it payable to MSSL..
5)..On the schedule are indicators V and H…Wear Red when your are the Visitors and White when you are the Home team.  NOTE:  it is best to keep both in your car to avoid having the wrong one.
6)..Different park different rules.  NO alcoholic beverages and smoking will be allowed inside the facility grounds.  I have been advised that this will be strictly enforced due to other users (under 21 and children being present).
7)..Using fields 6 and 7.   Fields are on the north side of the complex.  Use first entrance.
8)..Directions previously advised.
9)..See me if you have any additional questions.