MSSL COVID communication

MSSL Members,

We have done a terrific job navigating the world of COVID-19 these past couple of years and avoided any major issues related to the pandemic. This was due in large part by a consolidated conscious and conscientious effort to look after each other and employ some good practices.

Though we had a period here in California of extremely low COVID-19 positive rates and deaths earlier this year, Riverside County is now seeing approximately 900 new cases per day, much of it driven by the Delta variant and relaxed public practices. This speaks directly to the fact that there is so much we still don’t know and understand. We don’t know who can become positive for the Delta variant – vaccinated folks have become positive, too. We don’t know when a person may be positive for COVID-19 (symptom free) and be contagious. We don’t know if the person next to us has or has not been vaccinated.

In order to continue to keep each other safe and avoid any kind of disruption in our league play, we are asking the league and individuals to go back to taking some simple and effective precautions.

We are asking:
• Team Managers to ensure each of their player’s temperature is taken prior to each game – a player with a temperature of 100.4° or more will be asked to please go home and take care of themselves
• Players to stay home if they are feeling any of the flu-like symptoms associated with COVID-19
• Players keep dugout occupancy to a minimum and when in the dugout, maintain Social Distancing or wear a mask
• Players to practice Social Distancing while outside the dugout and on the playing field
• Each of us to look after one another

As we move through this time as citizens and things begin to improve, we will certainly re-address this issue and recommend accordingly.

Your willingness to support us in support of each of you is deeply appreciated.

Let’s continue to stay safe and have fun doing what we love to do – play ball!

MSSL Board