MSSL Commissioner’s message

Hello from the commissioners office…

As promised, here is the second offering to review the month of August’s activities.

1)..We conducted the Fall Season draft and the teams are ready to go. Thanks to the managers for being organized and for the volunteer managers that stepped up to complete the process.  That just shows what a committed membership that we have.

2)..We have finalized our playing location.  With a BIG “thank you” to Larry Roberts, we were able to move to Diamond Valley Lake sports complex.  More about that next month.

3)..We continue to add new players to our league.  Thanks to all the members for getting the word out about our league.  We picked up several players via word-of-mouth.  Good job guys.

4)..A special job well done to Jerry Callahan and Ted Bennett in keeping our information on
the website and other outlets up-to-date.

5)..Talk to you again at the end of September.