MSSL Update 2022-01-10

1)..1/10….Practice at Discovery Park…..0830
2)..1/11….Tournament continues at Diamond Valley Lake….0900/1030
3)..1/12….2022 Spring Season Draft.  Wheatfield Park Clubhouse…..NOTES:

A).. FOR DAY OF THE DRAFT….Starting after the jazzercise class ends, approximately 1030 😎..
B)..per Wheatfield Park regulations, all persons using the facilities MUST WEAR a mask.
C)..Managers may use a helper during the actual draft.  However, this person is not automatically on the managers team.  He may be drafted by another manager/team but will continue to assist his original  manager.
D)..trades may be completed at the draft until the draft is closed.
E)..trades may only be made outside the draft in accordance with league rules.
F)..Bill Lozano will be handling the pictures.  Roy Lantz and Ron Burleson will be assisting with administration.
G)..board members and league members may attend as observers.
H)..If you have any questions, please see me or Bob Curley.
I)..if a manager does not have a helper, see me or Bob C.

4)..1/13..Playoffs continue at Diamond Valley Lake….

5)..Thank you