MSSL: Commissioners Report…January 2022

Hello to everyone and one goodbye to Mike Trice…

Now that we survived the holiday, it is time to get down to softball business.

Our regular season ended but not as early as we had hoped. A little delay caused by

bit of wet weather increased the length of the season but we were prepared for it.  It did not cause a delay to the opening of our second season at Diamond Valley Lake.  We have renewed our commitment to stay here for at least one more season and possibly longer.  Most everyone has adjusted to the extra drive.

We had a little excitement in the playoffs because of a fantastic last day.  The teams
had to play a doubleheader but the regular season champion held on to win the tournament also.

Congratulations to Mike O’Donnell and his team, “Ducks on the Pond” for their outstanding season.

We had our second season draft and welcomed 3 new managers with only one Committee team.  Welcome the new managers, Jimmie Clark, Peter Cortez and Jeff Bockness. Vito D’Angelo has stepped up to manage the committee team.
We wish them all good luck in the new season.

As we welcome the new managers, we say goodbye to our long time member and friend Mike Trice who is moving his family to Texas.  We wish him nothing but good things.  Enjoy your new adventure Michael and Barbara.

As we move forward, I wish all members and their families good health and happiness and Happy Valentine’s Day.

See you next month