Memorial Day Weekend tournament

A short while ago, I mentioned that Matt Kraemer was trying to set up a softball tournament in Idylwild on Memorial Day weekend with a home team, a Palm Springs team and our MSSL… The details are noted below. If you are interested, let me know ASAP.

Wooden Bat Mens’ Senior Softball Tournament (Ages 50+)

In Idyllwild Memorial Day Weekend

May 28-30


· Location: Ball Field behind Idyllwild School: 26700 HWY 243, Idyllwild, CA 92549

· Rating System in play with teams limited to Two #1 rated players and players ranked 2-5 according to league rankings or ranked by tournament committee. Other players ranked 6-9 will carry a 6 ranking and teams must carry at least four players ranked 6.

Exception to team carrying four “6’s” is if they chose to carry more players ranked 10 or above.

· Each team must have a player ranked 10 or above

· 10 Players in the Field (4 Outfielders or 3 OF and 5 infielders)

· Menifee Senior Softball Rules w/ the following exceptions listed in this Flyer

· Players ranked 10 or above may use a senior bat

· 5 Game Guaranteed

· Entry fee is $350 per team or $40 per player

· Any Wooden Bat is permissible

· 3 Wooden Bats will be available for each team

· One Up Homeroom Rule with home team unable to go one up in last inning

· Protective Pitching Screen will be used with restrictive flight ball (fences are 220 feet)

*Please make checks out to Menifee Senior Softball: Address 26858 China Drive, Menifee, CA 92585

Or Contact Tournament Director Matt Kraemer by Texting Phone # 951-538-3155