June 2022 Commissioner’s Report

Following is the monthly Commissioner’s Report for June 2022.

1)..I would be remiss if I did not advise that I missed something in the May 2022 report.  Ernie Blanco, a long time member of the MSSL has retired.  He and his wife are going forward and upward in life.  Congratulations to both.

2)..We have two other members that are moving on but to Texas. Larry Littlejohn and Anthony Jefferson.  We hope that they find success in their new endeavors.  Larry will be returning occasionally to play with his tournament team.  Both were good contributors to our league.  We wish them well.

3)..We completed our Spring 2022 season and the playoffs.  Congratulations to John Sennett’s team, God’s Warriors, for winning both.  The awards will be arriving soon.

4)..The not so competitive , relaxed, and fun Summer season is underway.  The Fall 2022 season will begin on September 6, 2022, at Diamond Valley Lake sports complex.

4)..We had a short visit from former MSSL member Ed Nicholls Jr.  Nice to see an “old” face.

5)..Enjoy the rest of the summer with your families and we will see you in September.

6)..Happy 4th of July.