Commissioners Report…September 2022…Second Edition

1).. We are still in negotiations with BLD regarding their fields. Stay tuned.
2)..We are sorry to say goodbye to Mike Morrison (Missouri) and Greg Baker (Arizona). They will definitely be missed.
3)..Larry Robers and I checked out 2 new parks in the Centennial housing track in Menifee. Some possibilities exist but my not be right for us.
4)..Next board meeting is Oct 11, 2022 at the parks after the games.
5)..Hopefully we are done with the heat and fires. That was a long period of time. Our thoughts and prayers to the fire victims.
6)..Roster update was completed on Sept 30, 2022.
7)..We are in the process of reviewing at least 3 players rankings.
8)..We are also planning on updating our Veterans list and planning our annual game with the Mt. San Jacinto College girl’s softball team. Jeff Bockness is running point on both of these.
9)..Finally, the 2022 Fall Season is underway.
See all of you next month…..