Commissioner’s Report…Oct-Nov-Dec

Hello and welcome to the final Commissioners Report..

First, I apologize for not having monthly reports.  So much has been happening that I just didn’t have time so you are getting it all at once in no particular order.

1)..Thankfully the Fall 2022 Season has come to a conclusion.  With the heat, the rain, and the fire, we had an abomination of a season.  Thank you for understanding the schedule revisions, and cancellations.  The managers and all the players deserve a big thank you for hanging in there.  (yes, Frank and your dedicated team of umpires also.)

2)..Congratulations to Matt Kraemer’s team for winning both the league and tournament. Good job.

3)..Included in number one above, we lost the Veterans Day game against Mt. San Jacinto College girls softball team.We plan to make it up towards the end of January 2023.

4)..We had a historic opening day ceremony with Victor Marzan and Sal Navarro as the opening acts.  Well done guys.  Sal was also awarded the Ed Husted Sportsmanship  award.

5)..Ruben Carraso has retired and Dave Schoop had knee surgery and probably won’t be back until Fall 2023.  Robb Braun has resigned from the Board of Directors and his opening is currently being voted on.   He has continued to provide the treasurer’s office full support until the voting is completed. (Randy Schaaf and Jack Fisher are on the ballot.)

6)..Fall Season results have previously been advised.  At the present time, we will continue at Diamond Valley Lake.

7)..I am seeking feedback on these reports and other notes that I put out.  Please advise your comments whether positive or negative. Too much or not enough?, etc….

8)..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  See you all in 2023.