January 2023 Commissioners Report

Hello all…..

Well, we are finally back from our long layover.  Good to be back.

We now have 8 teams with 7 managers.  Donnie Sternberger has stepped up to take over the one Committee team.Thank you Donnie.  (This was by popular demand.)

We welcomed several new players to the league.  Good to have you.

We lost 2 games due to a freak windstorm and one play date due to rain.  They have already been rescheduled to the end of the season.  That will give us a complete season.

At the present time, we plan to return to Wheatfield Park in September depending on a number of circumstances.  Stay tuned.

Your Board of Directors and the managers attempted to ‘fix” the substitution rule (Rex Rule) but failed.  We are still attempting to come up with a revised version that will be good for everyone.  A work in process with a committee that will be working on it.  3 board members and 3 managers have been formed to work on it.  The committee is led by Frank White.  Be patient.

Treasurer transition has been completed. Bill French is the new league treasurer and Randy Schaaf is the new league secretary.

The next board meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2023.

That’s all folks.  See you next month.