MSSL: Commissioners Report….February 2023


1)..We had a long layoff in January 2023 and the same has happened in February. It was not only a short month on the calendar but also for our games. As I am writing this, it is actually snowing in Menifee as well as reports by other members in their locales also.  What a couple of months.

2)..Bob Curley, our league scheduler has the schedule right up to date with Revision number 5.  Let’s hope there is no more.

3)..I have been advised by John Gomez that at age 85, he is going to retire.  He may come out and do some umpiring.

4)..I want to thank those MSSL members, Frank White, Bob Altes, Dave Schoop, Ken Quigley that donated (or for sale) bats and gloves to assist our new players to get ready for their debuts.  Think we have 5 new members and one returning member.  Welcome aboard. If I forgot anyone, I am sorry.

5)..Next board meeting is scheduled for March 16, 2023.

6)..We have formed a committee to look at possible rule changes when we begin the Fall season in September 2023.  It is composed of  3 board members and all 8 managers.

7)..The month was short, so I will be too.  Talk to you all next month. Enjoy and have fun.