MSSL Fall Season Update

Good afternoon…….

1)..I finalized the draft date…….Tuesday, August 23, 2022… at the meeting room at Wheatfield Park…Start time 0900….

2)..I hope to get the finalized draft list out ASAP to give the prospective managers a chance to prepare for the draft. FYI…each manager can have a “helper” but the “helper” is not automatically on that team….when the “helper” is drafted, he is to continue to help the manager he started with.

3)..At the present time we have 97 players…so between 8-9 teams. I have 6 managers so we may need 2-3 more or will go the “committee” route.

4)..I am still soliciting players and managers so the above numbers may change. Keep calling, texting, and e-mailing.

5)..I will update this message on Wednesday evening. Bobby.